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Turkey /Izmir /-
Short description Determination of Fatty Acid Composition

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Determination of Fatty Acid Composition

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See translation with Google Translate Google Translate Ege Chelab Gıda Laboratuvarı (Ege Chelab Gıda ve Endüstriyel Analiz Laboratuvarları A.Ş.)

Company Info

Ege Chelab Gida Laboratuvari (Ege Chelab Gida ve Endustriyel Analiz Laboratuvarlari A.S.)

Main Office
10028 Sokak No:11 A.O.S.B Çiğli
- / Izmir /
Telephone: 0232 328 28 44
Fax: 232 328 28 74

Main Office Izmir / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 1-10
Business Type Purchasing Representative, Service Provider, Test & Analysis Laboratory